Discover the Magic of Kompa Music

music that originated in HaitiAlso known as Compas, Kompa is a type of music that originated in Haiti. This diverse musical genre combines elements of rock and roll, blues and salsa. Buy Kompa concert tickets online today to discover this vibrant form of music for yourself.

One of the great things about this type of music is that there are many different forms and variations. Several different Caribbean nations have added their distinctive flavors over the years. Kompas music is also popular in parts of the world such as Central America, Africa and Cape Verde.

This genre first became popular on a global scale in the 1950s. It was heavily adapted and popularized by Nemours Jean Baptiste, who used his musical genius to incorporate brass and catchy rhythms. This sax player worked with the International Orchestra to produce a large collection of instantly recognizable tunes.

The lyrics that accompany tunes are typically sung in a variety of languages, including Haiti Creole as well as English, Spanish and Portuguese. This adds to the accessibility of the genre to people all over the world and offers diversity. Several different instruments have been used to create different sounds in recent years including the electric guitar.

A special but slightly softer form has also been created known as Compas love. The strong and lively rhythm of this genre links all these styles together. Some of the most notable Kompa artists include the Gemini All Stars, DP Express, Tabou Combo and Exile One.

This music genre is great for dancing and is often played in discos and outdoor parties. Music festivals are held all around the world to introduce people to this exciting type of music. Kompa concert tickets are available through a wide variety of vendors, including online music stores. Many of these platforms also offer visitors the opportunity to listen to tunes before they buy.