Famous Jazz artists from Canada

Some people say that with jazz, any amateur musician can just jump right in, strum away at any notes and nobody would know the difference. Although its foundation is rooted in African American culture, different cultures have contributed their own styles so that it is regarded today as cool and laid back. The music has evolved significantly so that today you get quite a few distinct Jazz styles. Jazz musicians and those that love and follow the genre are likened to an artistic community, and in Canada, it is looked upon as an intimate, new, if slightly restless genre which can be enjoyed in clubs, carnivals and coffee shops.

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The website katebrown.ca is dedicated to Canadian artists and artwork in Canada, and it highlights famous artists such as Oscar Peterson who was a jazz pianist. You’ll also find information on other famous jazz musicians such as Diana Krall who is a pianist, vocalist, and songwriter, she began her classical piano lessons at the age of 4. She has sold more than 15 million albums and has raked in countless awards. On the Kate Brown website, you’ll find other fascinating information on Canadian jazz artists such as Pierre- Auguste Renoir and Nadia Myre among others as well as Jazz Festivals in Canada that you’ll enjoy.

Canada’s Toe-Tapping Icons

It can be so enlightening finding interesting information about the best jazz artists from Canada. You’ll learn about their lives, how their musical career started and where they currently play. You’ll find how Canadian musicians such as Oscar Petersen, Diana Krall, and Paul Bley are admired icons in the country and how Peterson is recognised as one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time. You’ll read all about the first Canadian big band, Rex Battle, made up of up to 21 brass, reed, and rhythm musicians and read about Summer jazz festivals where you can hear some of Canada’s best jazz and which will breathe new life into you.