Italian Pop Singers You Will Love

Perhaps the best way to gain an insight into the culture of a country is through its music. Italians are very passionate about music which can be heard in a wide range of venues throughout the country. Here is a brief introduction to Italian pop singers including some of the biggest names of the 1960s and 2000s.

Mino ReitanoAlthough many people associate Italian music culture with opera, the country also has strong roots in pop. The style has changed over the years, and pop music in Italy originated from Mediterranean folk rhythms. Modern popular tunes tend to be rather sentimental and feature a vocal style known as crooning.

One of the best known and loved Italian singing sensations has to be Dino Crocetti. He is best known for the song Luna Mezzo Mare, which was popular around the world and especially in Italy to this day. This beloved crooner took the stage name of Dean Martin to make himself more popular with American audiences and he could often be found sharing the stage with Frank Sinatra as well as other members of the Rat Pack.

Mino Reitano was born in Italy in the year 1944 and is another legend that is fondly remembered today by many his many fans. Perhaps his biggest hit came in 1968 when he performed Avevouncuore (chetiamavatanto) for the first time, although this very diverse performer has dozens of hit songs under his belt.

Luca Carboni exploded onto the music scene in the year 1983 when he released his very first solo album. He is particularly popular in Spain and one of the things that really make him stand out from the crowd is the fact that he was not afraid to write and sing about touchy subjects such as drugs, alcohol and substance abuse. This helped him gain momentum.