Why the 50s Were Fab

Why the 50s Were FabThe decade of 1950s was a very exciting time for music industry and music lovers as a number of different styles emerged during this time period. Musicians had more freedom to express themselves than ever before, and were allowed to try out new things that had previously been considered taboo. Rock and Roll emerged in the second half of the decade and remains popular to this day. Some of the other styles of music that were popular in the 1950s include classic pop, R&B, Blues, jazz and country.

Some of the greatest artists and bands from the 50s include:

  • Elvis Presley – The King still lives on in the hearts and CD collections of many people around the world due to his provocative style and impressive concerts that literally had members of the audience screaming for more.
  • Chuck Berry – this American singer, songwriter and guitarist was one of the musicians who helped make rock and roll famous, and will always be remembered for his flawless guitar playing and songs such as Johnny B. Goode and Roll Over Beethoven.
  • Fats Domino – with five gold records under his belt and a whole host of popular tunes, this uncompromising songwriter and performer helped make rhythm and blues music popular in the USA and eventually the rest of the world.
  • Frank Sinatra – Old Blue Eyes was arguably one of the most influential performers of the last century and his flawless timing and attention to details helped him sell more than a hundred and fifty million records worldwide even in those days.
  • Patsy Cline – while being one of the most famous country singers of that decade, Patsy Cline was never afraid to experiment when it came to music, and she also released a number of classic pop albums.
  • Billie Holiday – this American jazz singer had plenty of soul and had the ability to really touch audiences’ heart with her passion and strong performances.